Friday, September 13, 2013

Supplies Cake

Every year I try and think of something to do for my son's teacher. With me being a teacher, I had to think of something that maybe I'd like getting too. I saw a great idea on Pinterest and had to try it. So here it is!!!!!



My son thought he needed to help or should I say is watch. LOL

The base is a heavy piece of card stock that I traced a circle on it than covered it with paper. In the middle is a roll of paper towels. You do not glue the towels down until you have the entire cake made. You wrap 6 notebooks around and holding them with a rubber band. I took one notebook wrapped around put the rubber band on it and than just stuck the other notebooks inside. Then I went to the bottom and lined up Grayson's and a glue stick the whole way around. I used the bottles of glue next using the top of my crayons as the base. Remembering to rubber band everything!!! Then I found a cup and cut it down so it wouldn't show and put glue sticks around that. I hot glued that to the top of the paper towels. I rubber banded the glue sticks around the cup. Now, your probably wondering how do I cover the rubber bands up. Well, you get ribbon of your choice and wrap it around the rubber bands and then decorate the rest. Wen your all finished you take the cake and I put pieces of packaging tape down on the circle and stuck it to it. Believe me the teachers will love it. I even had to make one for another teacher. My next try is a crayon wreath. I have already made 2 ruler wreaths.


Happy crafting



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