Friday, September 13, 2013

Hard Covered Journal Tin

It seems lately I have been coming across a bunch of ideas that I must try! Sometimes when I take on a challenge it could be a flop at first, but that other times it comes out a success. With this project, I think it's going to be a success! I'm also in the process of putting together a store on etsy website to sell some of my creations.

Without further do, here we go. I ordered tin DVD movie cases from Amazon that you can remove the blue plastic piece in the middle so it becomes an empty tin. Then the decoration process started. I started with the outside decorating the front and back with the same type of paper except the back doesn't have the ribbon on that. Lets take a look...


Then, I switched to the inside and on the left hand side I covered the side with a coordinating paper and also at the bottom made a small pocket to keep things in.



Then I took a pen and decorated the inside of it to match the coordinating paper I had been using.


I am not completely done yet, because I'm still waiting for more product to arrive, but to give you the jest of what it will be, is a notebook on the right hand side with the pen and a larger paper clip decorated. I will keep you updated on the final outcome.

Questions for you.....

1. What type of papers would you like to see being used?

2. How much should I charge for one of these?

3. Any other questions you might have ask away....


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