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The Beck's Family

Hello and welcome to my Cards From the Farm: Where everything is homemade!  My name is Shannon Beck. I love making cards, scrapbooks and designing different types of things I come across that I find interesting.  I'm in the process of learning how to sell the items I make!

 I originally grew up in Sioux Falls, SD.  I went to many different colleges to obtain my degrees.  My undergrad came from Dakota State University where I received my Elementary Education and Special Education License. From there I applied for the Elementary Technology Masters program and finished that in 2008. 

For my first year to of teaching I moved to Douglas, AZ.  There I taught Special Education for 1 year.  I then met my husband through my sister and moved to Walnut Grove, MN where I also teach special education.  After a few years here, I was asked to get my Early Childhood Special Education license.  I went through Moorhead State University.  So, currently I am licensed in everything for the state of Minnesota.  I am taking my last class to get my Autism license. 

Enough, about my education, but if you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.  I am very family orientated and that is my number one priority.  As you look down below you will see pictures of my family.  Very rarely will you see what I call "normal" pictures.  We are a bunch of goof balls and like to have fun. My husband and I have two kids, they are my bride a joy! 

A little about my husband.  He is a farmer and he farms with his mom and step dad.  They live about 3 miles from our house.  During Harvest and Planting season, I love bring meals out to the field.  It's my treat to them, because it normally includes desert and other special treats.

In my spare time, I love to read, scrapbook, make cards and different gift ideas or things for the home.  I am involved with a book club at our school.  It consist of 3 other teachers besides me.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough.  Oh, I forgot to mention...we have 3 dogs and 8 kittens/a few cats.

Enjoy some pictures below.

John on his tractor

Ellie likes to show off her cowboy boots

John and I

Mommy and her babies

Peyton LOVES Star Ice Creams

First day of was sad!!!  :-(

Now on to some funny pictures of our family!!

Peyton and I being goofy!


Ellie again

Peyton and Ellie

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