Monday, February 10, 2014

Peyton's Birthday Present

Peyton has wanted a sleeping bag for sometime and if you ever go to the store, they are expensive. So....I went online and found a tutorial on how to make one. In the process of making it and my husband helped me, there was probably a few choice words said. I worked on this at night after Peyton went to bed. Let's just say Peyton loves it and I'm glad I made it. The instructions that I found said to use fleece on the top and inside of the sleeping bag. Peyton is obsessed with Thomas the Train and the only fabric I could find was the fabric that wasn't fleece. I did put fleece inside. So, with that said, three broken needles and a broken machine...I had to turn to my wonderful neighbor to help me sew the bottom shut and one my sewing along the side. It probably wouldn't have been such a panic mode if Peyton's birthday wasn't the next day. So, without further due here it is.......





I tried to lay in it, but they kicked me


This is how I find him ever night.


You will find the tutorial here: Kid's Sleeping Bag Tutorial | The Ribbon Retreat Blog


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