Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Holder

This year for John's birthday instead of the normal going out and buying something, I wanted to make something. What better place to start searching for something then Pinterest. This project consists of a 6 pack of empty clear bottles. It can be cream soda bottles or hit up your local liquor store and see if they will give you six clear bottles and a holder. Make sure to wash the bottle in hot soapy water and make sure to get the labels off. I left the bottles dry over night.

The first thing I did was buy some spray paint. You can pick pretty much any color you. Just remember if you buy a lighter color you might be putting on more then one coat of paint. Let's take a look..


Once the box was dry, I begin using tape to decorate the box. You can use tape or you can use scrapbook paper. For my first time, I though I would use the tape.


I covered the back and front.


Once I decorated the box I worked on the bottles.



Next I took the 6 empty bottles and started filling them with things he liked.




Then, I moved back to the box and put the label on. Here you can put pretty much anything you want.


Here is the final pictures


Here is what the top of the bottles look like.




Happy Crafting!!


P.S. I told him if he didn't like his present I was mailing it to my dad!!!! LOL


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  1. turned out looking pretty much like your inspiration.