Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clipboard Project

I've seen different clipboards that have been taken from plain old brown and turned them into decorated cute clipboards. I've been looking for different things to make for a craft booth that I want to attend this summer and for my etsy website.

I only bought one clipboard from Walmart, because I wasn't quite sure of what I was getting myself into. I had my husband help me make a template for the clipboard. I've seen where they have just cut a rectangle around the clip and the. The ribbon hid the cut, but I'm on the anal side and wanted it to wrap around the clip.

I went to the local craft store in town and bought some paper and mod podge.

When I started, I painted the entire board and then tried to slide the paper up. That did not work very well. Next time I will slide the paper under the clip and then put on the mod podge. Once I had painted underneath the board, I painted the top of the paper to make it stronger. I let it dry for quite awhile. Then I started the sanding process. I sanded around the sides of the board to make it nice and smooth and also to get the extra paper off. Here is what it looks like so far.


You can see here that the paper hangs over the side.
Once the mod podge dried, I started sanding. Here is what the side looks like after I sanded.
You notice that the paper doesn't cover the whole board, so you will have to cover that.


I also learned that if you use thick cardstock, it doesn't sand very well.

This as far as I got today. More to come! Need to work on the back and the ribbon. Stay tuned.


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