Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Diaper Trike

I'm always looking for new ideas on different types of gifts to make. I'm also trying to come up with many different ideas for a craft fair that I want to be in. I came across the diaper trike and let me tell you after reseraching it, there are many ways you can make these. This was my first time making one, so it wasn't quite perfect, but it did the trick. The supplies you will need are size 1 or 2 diapers, ribbon, rubber bands, baby bottle, receiving blankets, bibs and socks. You can also put a bear on it. I took pictures along the way just to show you how I completed it. The first step was making the wheels. I used 15 diapers for the back wheels and you could techniqually use as many as you want as long as your front tire is bigger. You start out with rolling a diaper as tight as you can and than begin wrapping diapers around it. You will use rubber bands to hold the diapers in place. You will have to use more than one. Don't worry, you will hide the rubber bands with ribbon.

Back two tires

Then I moved on to the front tire. I used 20 diapers for the front wheel. Next time, I might experiment with different amounts.


I covered up the rubber bands with ribbon. I used Scor tape to hold the ribbons down. I've also seen people use safety pins.

Next, I started to put the trike together. You use the receiving blankets to hook the wheels together.


You run the blanket through the front tire and than put one side of each of the blanket into the back tires. Now, this is where I used a safety pin to hold the blanket together. Make sure you pull it tight so the tires don't move.


Front View


You take the next receiving blanket and put it through the front tire. It will stick up in the air. Next, you will slide a bib over to make a front fender. With the other bib, you will snap around the front to make a back fender. Now, put the bottle in between the blanket and than put rubber bands around it to form bunny ears. You will tie ribbon around that to hide the rubber bands.

This is what it looks like with the bottle and the socks on for the handle bars.

Side view


I ended up pinning the bear down, because I couldn't get it to stay. It seems like bears are hard to find when it's not a holiday season.


Well, for my first attempt I think I didn't do so bad. Enjoy!


Happy Crafting



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