Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You Cards

I made these cards for a neighbor down the road.  She needed some thank you cards to give to some teachers.  I made 3 total, but never took a picture of the first card.  This first card is a pretty simple card.  I stamped the apple with a stamp set that I got along time ago.  I used Close to my Heart black stamp pad to stamp the apple and the thank you saying.  I used R46 to color the apple.  For the outline I used the black copic marker.  On the inside of the card at the bottom I stamped an apple.

Inside of the card

With this card I thought of trying something different.  In order to close this card I used a magnet on one side of the card and then I hide the other magnet behind the paper. 

This is part of the card being opened.  Inside the card was a white piece of paper that she was able to write on.

This is with the card fully open.

This is the magnet that is exposed and right across from it is where the other magnet is.

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